Geoffrey W. O. Campbell, Electrical Engineer

Mr. Campbell comes to us from a full career in the industrial electronics industry launched by a six-year adventure in the U S Navy.As an electronics technician, he repaired a variety of shipboard military hardware systems including TACAN, RADAR, and Satellite Secure Voice computers linked through SATCOM.

During his service at North Island Naval Air Station, Mr. Campbell, acting as Ground Electronics Division Chief, participated in the San Diego County Disaster Preparedness Program by selecting the VHF radio networking products enabling all local civilian and military authorities to have emergency communication via shared radio channels. He also played a supporting role with the U S Navy and Textron evaluation teams, coordinating staff communications for the XV-15 project [V-22 Osprey prototype aircraft] during air operations and testing at NAS North Island.

Prior to his association with EI he worked for several small companies in R&D and production support. He was a contractor to Lockheed Martin writing and reviewing worst case analyses, revising telemetry circuits, and restoring test tooling for a spacecraft laser communication satellite. He has designed application specific data collection electronics, custom environmental sensor and lightning protection circuitry, and supervised production of groundstation radio hardware for GOES, GMS, and Meteosat environmental monitoring satellites.

As part of a product development partnership, Mr. Campbell designed and fabricated magnetic-field antenna structures incorporating an orthogonal reception technique for reading passive implantable transponders. Mr. Campbell was responsible for two-axis motor control firmware design of the laser rangefinder delivered to the U.S. Army STRICOM. He was, most recently, a system designer for the Denver-RTD hybrid electric Mall Shuttle bus. As a consequence of a childhood interest in antique radio, he has amassed a comprehensive library and practical knowledge of known electrical wonders including radio physics, digital computing, machine control, and analog sensors.

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