Jeffrey Hayden, Manager of PresciPoint Solutions, L.L.C.

Jeff Hayden retired from Lockheed Martin Astronautics (LMA) in Denver on June 30, 1999 as an aerospace systems engineer. He recently worked on NASA's network design for the CSOC program. His concepts will be used to implement Internet Protocols at the science instrument and on-board the spacecraft. He described new spacecraft architectures that would operate in an Internet environment. His Internet concepts are now baselined into the CSOC program's future infrastructure.

Mr. Hayden has performed initial spacecraft system designs for the AFRL's Advanced Technology Demonstration Spacecraft (ATDS), which is the model for the TechSat21 initiative, the Mars Climate Observer, Mars Polar Lander, Stardust, Genesis, and Space Based Laser. His concepts for ultra-miniaturized, highly capable electronics is the cornerstone of the technology thrust in progress at LMA today and much of the electronics will be incorporated into the ATDS/TechSat21 programs

Jeff's original expertise was as an instrument designer. He designed miniature mass spectrometers for Aerobee sounding rockets and for the Atmosphere Explorer C, D, and E satellites back in the sixties for the University of Minnesota. He designed the prototype for and leant extensive (2 years) consultation to the vendor for the Upper Atmosphere Mass Spectrometer for the Viking missions in the early '70's. He spent 2 years with a medical implantables company and designed a valve for an implantable artificial bladder sphincter in the mid '70's. While at Lockheed Martin, he designed the instrument systems for Net Flux Radiometer for Galileo Probe and for the Gamma Ray Spectrometer for Mars Observer.

Jeff received a Bachelor of Physics degree at the University of Minnesota in 1969. He spent 6 years, from 1963 to 1969, in the US Air Force Reserve program in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a Navigational Equipment Repairman. He received an honorable discharge.

The company for which Jeff Hayden is the Manager, PresciPoint Solutions, L.L.C., was started in February 2000. Jeff is working with the NASA Glenn Research Center implementing the Internet in-space concepts mentioned above.

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