Requirements and Goals
  • Provide Research Grade Astronomical Telescope Installation in DU Physics Bldg for Student Use and Instrumentation Checkout
  • Place Telescope & Mounting at Physics Bldg Roof and Telescope
  • Instrumentation on 4th Floor in Room Temperature Environment.
  • Provide Mount Structural Load Path to 4th Floor. Provide Telescope
  • Environmental Enclosure and Mechanism.
  • Optimize Optical Design to Allow for Visible and Mid IR Operation
Baseline Design - Overall
Aperture:30 inches (762 mm)
Mounting Type:Equatorial Coude
Drive Type:Precision Worm
Drive Control System:DC Motive Power
Worm Reduction Intermediate Drives
Encoders 1:1 with Axes (4,000 steps/rev)
Man/Machine Interfaces:Sky Wizard Readout
CTI for PC
Analog Engraved Setting Circles
Focal Plane Derotation:Rotary Table (sidereal rate)
Optical Specifications
Telescope Type:Afocal Cassegrain
Primary Conic:Parabolic
Secondary Conic:Parabolic
Focusing Telescope:Doublet Achromat
Primary F/#:3.0
Secondary F/#:3.0
System F/#:10.0
Secondary Dia.:5.63 inch (143 mm)
Condensing System:Classical Cassegrain
System Efl:8128 mm

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