Total Hemispherical Reflectance (THR) 250-1200 nm


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Test Information

  • Test Conducted and Certified by Avian Technologies ( Cert. No. AT-082400-1
  • Measurement Instrument: Perkin-Elmer Lambda-9/19 UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometer Ser. No. 1104
  • Traceability of measurement: ASTM Test Method E 1331-96, Test Method E903-96
  • Measurement Conditions:
    Mean Temperature:18.8 deg C
    Relative Humidity:70%
    Instrument Parameters:
    Bandpass: 2 nm (UV-Vis)
    NIR Sensitivity: 4
    Recording Interval: 1.0 nm
    Scan Speed: 120 nm/min
    Number of measurements averaged per sample: 3
  • Measurement Procedure:
    • The THR measurements were performed on a Perkin-Elmer Lambda 9/19 UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer.
    • The instrument was set up in total hemispherical reflectance geometry (8 deg/t).
    • The measurement beam is well collimated (max angle) of convergence is +/- 4 deg.
    • The reflectance factor measurements were relative to packed PTFE powder per ASTM Practice E259-98 and CIE 15.2 at ambient temperature (18.5 +/- 1 deg) and humidity (70 +/- 5 %).
    • The calibration of the sample was performed at 1.0 nm intervals over the wavelength 250-2500 nm.
    • A deuterium source (300-320 nm) or tungsten-halogen (320-2500 nm) were used in combination with a photomultiplier detector in the UV-Vis and a lead sulfide detector in the NIR.
  • Other References:
    • ASTM Standard Practice E 275-93 "Describing and Measuring Performance of UV, Vis, and NIR Spectrophotometers"
    • ASTM Standard Practice E 925-94 "Periodic Calibration of Narrow Band-Pass Spectrophotometers"

  • Excel data file

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